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Abom One Goggle


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Abom One Goggle frames have proved themselves as a innovative performance product and are the worlds first goggle to feature Abom Anti Fog Technology that will virtually eliminate the chance of your goggles fogging up & keep your vision clear in any condition your faced with. Abom One Goggle feature patented Klair Technology that places an invisible heat conductive film in your lens, with a single press of the button your lens heats and obliterates any possibility of fogging problems. Combined with functional features, technical performance,  the finest craftsmanship & next level style the all new Abom Goggle are the future in the now.  Go ahead and pick up a pair 2019 Abom Goggle from Action Sport Optics, a trusted leader in sport & lifestyl optics.
Fit Profile: 2019 Abom Goggle frames have a recommended fit profile of med-large.
Active Anti Fog Technology: Abom Active Anti Fog technology comes standard with all Abom Goggle frames and is industry first featuring Klair Technology that 100% eliminates fogging problems with heated lens technology. This battery powered technology places an invisible heat conducive film in the goggle lens & with a single press of the button you can say goodbye to fogging problems once & for all. The battery has a 7 hour charge that sends a constant current into the lens keeping any chance of fog at bay.
Frame Information: Abom One Goggle frames are made of a flexible & lightweight Elasto Polymer that maintains flexibility even in the coldest of temperatures, this flexibility allows for a customized fit to a variety of face shapes  & sizes. The interior of the Abom Anti Fog Goggles have a matte finish that helps reduce glare & the frame profile is helmet compatible with most helmets on the market.
Lens Information:  2019 Abom Goggles has teamed up with world renowned Carl Zeiss Optics to deliver the ultimate in lens quality, Carl Zeiss is synonymous with world class optics that deliver the ultimate in clarity & 100% protection from the suns harmful UVA UVB UVC rays.  Abom Goggle lenses are a Spherical Polycarbonate that is strong, lightweight & shatter resistant.  Coupled with Abom Anti Fog Technology that will literally obliterate any chance of fogging problems & you have the industry leading lens technology.
Understanding VLT - Visible Light Transmission:  Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light that is let through the lens, the lower  the VLT percentage the better  the performance in bright conditions by blocking more light , a high VLT percentage lets more light through the lens improving your optical clarity in low light conditions.

Abom Replacement Lens / VLT Guide

Sunny Condition Lens

  • Eclipse Black 12% VLT
  • Gold Rush Mirror 10% VLT

Sunny To Partly Variable Lens

  • Sunrise Red Mirror  20% VLT
  • Flash Green Mirror 32% VLT
  • Xray Grey  32%

Low Light - Variable - Snow - Night

  • Resolution Red  39% VLT
  • Lumen Yellow  62% VLT
  • Deep Ocean Mirror 50% VLT

About Abom:  2019 Abom goggle team is a group of inventors, scientists, and designers on a mission to make the future more fun by delivering world class products to market that enhance the user experience. We're using our superpowers to create world-class gear and solve the problems that get in the way of good times &  the all new Abom Goggle collection does just that.


  • Abom ONE Goggles w Anti Fog Technology NEW In Box
  • 2019 Model
  • World Class Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Klair Anti Fog Technology
  • Med- Large Fit Profile
  • 6 Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • One Hour To Full Charge
  • Micro USB Cable Included
  • Easy Swap Lens System
  • Flexible Elasto Polymer Frame
  • Plush Face Foam
  • Matte Interior Reduced Glare
  • Anti Scratch Lens
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Helmet Compatible
  • One Year Warranty
  • FREE Stickers Included

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