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Briko Cyclope sunglasses are an Italian made frame with Photochromic lenses that are a standout in the Briko Eyewear collection, the ultimate performance sunglass for sports! If your're looking for a performance sunglass for all active outdoor sports with features that you would normally find on a pair at twice the price, look no further then Briko Cyclope Sunglasses from Action Sport Optics, a trusted leader in sport & lifestyle optics.  

Fit Profile: Briko Cyclope sunglasses have a med- large fit profile with very good lens coverage.

Frame information: Briko Cyclope sunglasses are manufactured with a premium quality bomproof material called Grilamid.  Grilamid is a Nylon material with high bending strength, low density & high resistance to chemical and UV damage, in other words the Briko Cyclope sunglasses are virtually indestructible!  The adjustable nose pads & temples are designed to increase grip in sweaty conditions & provide a comfortable custom fit.  The Briko Cyclope sunglasses are lightweight with a unisex fit profile of Med-Lg.

Photochromic Lens information:  Briko Cyclope sunglasses are equiped with premium Photochromic lenses that adjust tint automatically based on changing light conditions. Briko Eyewear with variable tint technology ( photochromic ) adjust to rapidly changing light conditions with superior clarity & protection.  The lenses supplied on the Briko Cyclope sunglasses are engineered with microscopic photochromic particles embedded in the lens that reacts to UV rays, so in bright sun, or cloudy conditions the lens changes tints to allow more or less visible light transmission. Briko Cyclope lenses are industry leaders because of their lightweight, durability & fast transmission speed. All Briko Eyewear lenses offer 100% protection from the suns harmful UVA UVB UVC rays.
Photochromic Clear Cat 1-3 Lens Information:   18-100% VLT transition range, perfect lens for both sunny & low light conditions. Quick transition as light changes from clear to dark smoke tint.

Photochormic Pink Cat 2-3 Lens Information:  8-80 % VLT transition range, perfect for both sunny & low light conditions, Quick transition as light changes from pink to a darker pink / purple color tint.

Included With Purchase: Sunglasses, protective sleeve, brand warranty info.

About Briko:  Briko Eyewear is an Italian brand with a rich history in the Ski industry for the last 30 years. Briko Eyewear is a brand that has produced some of the most elite athletes in ski racing & cycling, these athletes are directly involved in the design process of Briko Eyewear products, the 2017 Briko Eyewear collection are tried and tested from these athletes delivering a product that not only performs at the highest levels but also has a ton of style.


  • Briko Cyclope Sunglasses NEW In Box
  • Med-Lg Fit Profile
  • Strong & Lightweight Frame
  • Photochromic Lens
  • Made In Italy
  • 100% UVA UVB UVC Protection
  • Adjustable Nose Pads
  • Category 0- 3 Protection
  • Performance For Sports
  • Protective Sleeve Included
  • Warranty
  • Free Stickers w Purchase

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