• Briko Nyira 7.6 OTG
  • Briko Nyira 7.6 OTG
  • Briko Nyira 7.6 OTG
  • Briko Nyira 7.6 OTG

Briko Nyira 7.6 Free Fighter OTG


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Briko Nyira 7.6 Free Fighter OTG are all new in the premium Briko Goggles collection that boast all the premium performance, function, style & features that Briko is known for. Briko Nyira 7.6 Free Fighter OTG are specifically designed to fit comfortably with users who where prescription eyewear with an extra wide frame & discreet notched foam to accomodate prescription eyewear arms. Go ahead and pick up a pair from Action Sport Optics, a trusted leader in sport & lifestyle optics
Fit Profile:  Briko Nyira 7.6 Free Fighter OTG goggle frames have a unisex fit profile of medium to large.
OTG Compatible: Briko OTG goggles are designed with specific notches in the foam to accmodate arms of prescription eyewear users & an extra wide TPU flexible frame.
Frame Information:  Briko Nyira 7.6 Free Fighter OTG frames are made of a flexible Polyurethane that maintains flexibility even in the coldest of temperatures, this flexibility allows for a customized fit to a variety of face shapes with ease.  The extra wide frame is OTG compatible with features that include double layer face foam for a customized comfortable fit & an adjustable silicone ribbed strap that won't slip on helmets.  The frame is designed to be helmet compatible with all Briko Helmets & wide range of helmets on the market.
Spherical  Lens Information:  Briko Nyira 7.6 Free Fighter OTG Goggles  come with a Spherical ( rounded )  lens that delivers 100% protection from the suns harmful UVA UVB UVC rays. Briko Nyira lenses deliver 98.9% protection from blue light, are strong , shatter resistant & give the user a true optical experience. Made of Polycarbonate that is strong, lightweight & shatter resistant.
Lens Guide

  • Pink Cat 1 Lens:  Pink tint, Category 1,  62% VLT.  Good for low to medium light conditions.
  • Silver Mirror Lens:  A sunny Lens option, Silver Mirror, Category 3,  16% VLT.

About Briko:  Briko is an Italian brand with a rich history in the Ski industry for the last 30 years. Briko is a brand that has produced some of the most elite athletes in ski racing, these athletes are directly involved in the design process of Briko products, the 2019 Briko Goggles are tried and tested from these athletes delivering a product that not only performs at the highest levels but also has a ton of style.

About Action Sport Optics: At ASO we are leaders in sport & lifestyle optics with over 20 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves in great products from the leading brands, superior customer service, product knowledge & fast shipping. Eyewear is our vision!


  • Briko Nyira 7.6 FREE Fighter OTG NEW In Box
  • Over The Glass Compatible
  • Medium - Large Fit Profile
  • Unisex
  • Notched Foam
  • Extra Wide Frame
  • Flexible Frame
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Bumper System
  • Spherical Lens
  • Claws For Increased Helmet Compatibility
  • Silicone Ribbed Strap
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Double Layer Face Foam
  • 100% UVA UVB UVC Protection
  • Warranty Included

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