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Scott LCG Light Sensitive Photochromic Replacement Lens


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Scott LCG Photochromic lens is light sensative & changes tint automatically based on changing weather & light conditions. Scott LCG Replacement lens is compatible with all Scott LCG frames regardless of the year of your frame & come with a protective molded case to keep your Scott LCG lens in good condition.  Having multiple lenses for different conditions for your Scott LCG goggle is a no brainer as the lens is quickly & easily swapped in seconds & will allow you to adapt to changing weather conditions.  Go ahead and pick up a pair of the Scott LCG replacement lens with protective case from Action Sport Optics, they will not disappoint!  

Spherical Lens Type:  The Scott LCG Photochromic lens is a Spherical lens ( rounded ) made to mimic the the shape of the human eye with end result of superior optical quality in all directions.

Photochromic Light Sensative Lens:  The Scott LCG Light Sensative Blue Chrome lens changes tint automatically with a VLT range of 7-22% making it a sunny condition lens that can't be beat!

Protective Lens Coatings: All Scott LCG spare lens are coated with anti fog & anti scratch coatings.

Fog Resistance: Scott LCG replacement lens is designed & manufactured with technologies to combat fogging and keeping your vision clear!  With anti fog coatings on inner & outer lens, spacer foam with double lens & properly placed ventilation vents that promote proper airflow the Scott LCG lens is at the top of the class.

LCG Replacement Lens information:  The Scott LCG Lens Change Slider is an award winning lens interchangeability system that is the fastest, most reliable & easiest lens swapping system available on the market.  With a quick and easy slide of the slider found on each side of the goggle, the Scott LCG Spare Lens in dis engaged, swapped & re engaged in a matter of seconds! All 2017 Scott LCG Spare lens is a Spherical Optiview double lens that is optically correct & provides 100% protection against UVA UVB UVC rays. The Scott ACS ( Air Control System ) promotes proper airflow within the goggle to prevent fogging & every lens is coated with anti fog / scratch treatments.

Photochronmic Sunny Condition Replacement Lens:

  •  Light Sensative Blue Chrome VLT 7-22% Range

Brand Information: Scott is a long standing industry leader in winter sports equipment, the 2017 Scott Goggles collection is a culmination of years & years of experience.  With award winning technologies, the worlds best athletes & tons of passion Scott is proud to deliver the absolute best of the best products available period.

About ASO: At Action Sport Optics we are leaders in sport & lifestyle optics with over 20 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves in great products from the leading brands, superior customer service, product knowledge & fast shipping. Eyewear is our vision!


  • Scott LCG Replacement Lens 
  • Light Sensative Photochromic
  • VLT 7-22% Range
  • Protective Case Included
  • Double Lens
  • 100% UVA UVB UVC Protection
  • 2017 Model
  • Compatible With Older LCG Frame - Yes
  • Scott Lens Change Slider System
  • Low Profile Molded Lens Case  
  • Spherical Optiview Optically Correct Lens
  • No Fog / Scratch Treatment
  • Free Stickers W Purchase


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