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Smith I/OX goggle frames have proven their status & are more then a worthy frame in the 2016 Smith Goggles collection featuring easy lens interchangeability, superior fog prevention, peripheral vision, helmet compatibility and tons of style!   2016 Smith I/OX are at the top of the game & come with a bonus lens included so whatever light condition the day throws your way you are good to go.  The 2016 Smith Goggles collection is nothing but premium products that deliver style, functionality & next level technology, go ahead and score a pair of 2016 Smith I/OX frames from Action Sport Optics, you won't be disappointed!

Fit Profile: The Smith I/OX goggle has a recomended fit profile of  medium -large.

Frame information: Smith I/OX frames use a flexible polyurethane  material that  is designed to work in unison with different face shapes & sizes. Smith uses a unique urethane compound that maintains flexibility in the coldest of temperatures. The Smith I/OX goggle has a  articulating outrigger positioning system is designed for helmet compatibility and will adjust to a full range of face shapes & sizes.

Lens information:  2016 Smith Goggles provide the most technically advanced lenses in the world that protect you from harmful UVA-UVB-UVC rays. The 2016 Smith I/OX Archive goggles have a spherical interchangeable lens that swaps out easily & quickly by flipping the top switches, popping out the lens & replace. The TLT lens technology provides perfect vision in all conditions by straightening out the in coming light rays by tapering them from the center out to your peripheral view providing 100% clarity & accuracy. The Hydrophobic lens coating used is a durable bonded coating that reduces smudges & increase scratch resistance.  2016 Smith Goggles set the standard with their Carbonic-X Lens which meets ANSI Z80.3 lens quality standards, there simply is no better lens available.

Red Sol X Lens :  The Red Sol X has a VLT ( visible light transmission ) of 17% and is the goto lens for blue bird sunny days.  The a dark sienna brown lens tint with multi layer mirror reduces glare & reduces eye fatigue in bright conditions leaving you with true optical clarity.

Blue Sensor Mirror Lens The Blue Sensor Mirror has a ( visible light transmission ) of 60% making this the ultimate lens for lower light or cloudy days. The rose based tint with multi layer blue mirror maximizes depth perception, increased definition & leaves you with better vision on low light days.

Ignitor Mirror Lens:  The Ignitor Mirror lens has a universal lens tint with a VLT ( visible light transmission ) of 35%. This is a performance lens for variable conditions both sunny & cloudy. A versatile lens tint designed to be used all season long.

Green Sol X Lens Information:  The Green Sol X Mirror Lens has a VLT ( Visible Light Transmission ) of 12 %, with a dark sienna brown tint, this performance lens is best for bright sunny conditions.

Blackout Lens Information: The Blackout lens has a VLT ( Visible Light Transmission ) of 10%, with a dark grey tint this performance lens is best for bright sunny conditions.

Red Sensor Lens Information:  The Red Sensor Lens has a VLT ( Visible Light Transmission ) of 55%, with a light rose base tint that lets more light through this performance lens is a great option for lower light or snowy days.

Bonus Lens Included :  Every 2016 Smith I/OX comes with an extra lens included that is a Low light conditions lens, your bases are covered for any condition.

About Smith Optics: Smith Optics is a leading supplier of the worlds best optics for skiing, snowboarding, and active lifestyle sunglasses.  Smith Optics makes great days better, and for over 45 years has been the innovation leader with the single goal of making days on the mountain the best it can be.  When you purchase a pair of 2016 Smith Goggles you can rest assure you are buying one of the highest quality products available from a industry leading company.

About ASO: At ASO we are leaders in sport & lifestyle optics with over 20 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves in great products from the leading brands, superior customer service, product knowledge & fast shipping. Eyewear is our vision!


  • Smith I/OX NEW In Box
  •  2016 Model
  • Medium to Large fit
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick release interchangeable lens system
  • Spherical, Carbonic X lens with TLT optics
  • 5x Anti-Fog Inner lens prevents fogging
  • Patented vaporator lens technology with porex filter
  • Includes 2 performance lenses for different conditions
  • Ultra wide silicone ribbed strap does not slip on helmets
  • Quickfit strap adjustment system with clip buckle for quick & easy strap adjustments
  • 3 layer driwix face foam provides superior comfort & plush fit
  • Helmet compatible
  • Includes microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve

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