• Uvex Compact VLM Goggle
  • Uvex Compact VLM Goggle
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Uvex Compact VLM Goggle


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Uvex Compact VLM Goggle frames are a new offering in the premium 2019 Uvex Goggles collection that boast all the premium German quality & performance that Uvex is known for.  With a Variomatic Photochromic lens that adjusts tint automatically based on changing light conditions the Uvex Compact VLM eliminates the need to swap lenses with changing light conditions. Uvex Compact VLM goggle frames are designed to be unisex with a universal medium fit profile & are made with high quality materials & performance that Uve Goggles are known for.
Fit Profile:  Uvex Compact VLM goggle frames have a recommended fit profile of medium.
Frame Information: Uvex Compact VLM Goggle frames are a medium to fitting frame made with a flexible Polyurethane that maintains its flexibility even in the coldest of temperatures, this flexibility allows a good fit to a variety of face shapes & sizes. The extra plush face foam with velour lining provides a extra comfortable and customized fit while the adjustable silicone lined strap prevents slippage on helmets.
Variomatic Lens Information: The 2019 Uvex Compact VLM goggles have a spherical Variomatic Photochromic lens that provides 100% protection against the the suns harmful UVA UVB UVC rays.   With Uvex Variomatic Photochromic properties that adjust tint automatically according to changing light conditions, the need to swap lenses with changing light conditions is virtually eliminated.  When light conditions are bright and sunny the lens darkens accordingly & when conditions change to cloudy or becomes more variable the lens will automatically lighten delivering the best optical clarity for any condition without having to swap lenses. Uvex Variomatic technology is a clear advantage!  All 2019 Uvex Goggles have the most robust , shatter proof and scratch proof lenses available, period.  These Polycarbonate Lenses work without any loss of strength in temperatures down to -40.  A special coating protects the lenses against scratching and prevent fogging.
Understanding Lens VLT: VLT, or visible light transmission is the amount of light that is let through a lens.  A high VLT percentage equals better performance in low light conditions, a lower VLT percentage equals better performance in bright conditions.

Uvex Compact VLM Variomatic Lens / VLT Guide

  • Lite Mirror SIlver: S1-S3: 9-80% VLT - high performance lens that changes tint automatically base don changing light conditions, performs for both sun & low light, lite mirror for added protection & style.

Brand Information:  Uvex has been a family run business for over 80 years and is synonymous with quality and innovative products in eyewear and goggles for skiing,  ski racing & snowboarding.  UVEX goggles are manufactured in Germany with a team of in house experts that know how to produce products of the highest quality available on the market. The 2019 Uvex goggles line is produced in collaboration with the Uvex global team of elite athletes, the Uvex global team of athletes including many Olympians work with product developers to deliver a premium performance product to market. The 2017 Uvex Goggles collection represents everything the brand stands for with premium technical features, high quality materials, style & the highest quality craftsmanship.  
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  • Uvex Compact VLM NEW In Box
  • 2019 Model
  • Med Fit Profile
  • VLM Variomatic Photochromic Lens
  • Safety Tested Lenses
  • Scratch + Fog Resistant Coating
  • Plush Face Foam w Velour Lining
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Silcone Ribbed on INside Of Strap
  • Polycarbonate Double Spherical Lens
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Silicone Lined Strap
  • Mirror Finish
  • 100% UVA UVB UVC Protection
  • Protective Goggle Bag Included
  • Warranty Included
  • Made In Germany

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