• Poc Devour Replacement Lens
  • Poc Devour Replacement Lens
  • Poc Devour Replacement Lens
  • Poc Devour Replacement Lens
  • Poc Devour Replacement Lens
  • Poc Devour Replacement Lens
  • Poc Devour Replacement Lens
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POC Devour Replacement Lens


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POC Devour replacement lens is a easy way to upgrade your Poc Devour sunglass frames with the very latest lens tints!  With easy & quick interchangeability and available in many different tints you have come to the right place. Whether you're replacing well used lenses or adding to your quiver of tints for different conditions, we have every Poc Devour lens that you could need.  Go ahead and score a set of authentic POC Replacement Lens from Action Sport Optics, a trusted leader in Sport & Lifestyle Optics.
Lens Compatibility:  Poc Devour Replacement Lens is compatible with Poc Devour Sunglass frames.
Poc Replacement Lens Information:  Poc Devour Replacement Lens are a shield style Polycarbonate lens made from the industry leader in lens quality Carl Zeiss Optics.  Carl Zeiss Optics is synonymous with world class optics that are strong, lightweight, 100% protection & deliver the truest optical clarity available.  The POC Devour lenses are specifically optimized for cycling & athletic activity with increased contrast that helps you see the road & other irregularities much easier & also include lens treatments that prevent fogging & repel dirt, grime & water.
Authentic POC Replacement Lens Information:  Yes, we are an authorized dealer of 100% Authentic POC Replacement Lens, buy with confidence knowing that you are getting 100% Authentic POC product.
Included With Purchase:  1 complete set of Poc Devour replacement lens, tint of your choice + warranty info + instructions. 
Understanding VLT - Visible Light Transmission:  Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light that is let through the lens, the lower  the VLT percentage the better  the performance in bright conditions by blocking more light , a high VLT percentage lets more light through the lens improving your optical clarity in low light conditions.

POC Devour Replacement Lens / VLT Guide

SUNNY Conditions 10% VLT - 25% VLT

  • Violet Silver Mirror 13% Cat 3
  • Brown SIlver Mirror  20% Cat 2

Medium Variable Light 25% VLT- 50% + VLT

  • Brown Lt Silver Mirror 35.9% VLT
  • Violet 33% Cat 2
  • Violet Light Silver Mirror 25% Cat 2

Low Light Cloudy Conditons

  • Clear - 92% Cat 0 
  • Brown 53% Cat 1

Brand information: POC Sports is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission to do everything they possibly can to develop the absolute best products on the market for gravity sports athletes. POC Eyes is an exploding category in the family because riders alike are realizing that  POC Eyes have set new standards in construction, material combinations & engineering with the end result of technical products that deliver performance & style. All products have been tested by world class athletes and then further refined to perfection, POC Eyes are used by some of the best athletes in the world because they demand technical performance that  help them perform at the top of their game.

About ASO: At Action Sport Optics we are leaders in sport & lifestyle optics with over 20 years industry experience. We pride ourselves in great products from the leading brands, superior customer service, product knowledge & fast shipping. Eyewear is our vision!


  • POC Devour Replacement Lens
  • Compatible & Interchangeable w POC Devour Sunglass Frames
  • Mirror Finishes Select Options
  • Impact + Scratch Resistant
  • Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Authentic POC Replacement Lens  
  • Interchangeable Lens
  • 100% UVA UVB UVC Protection
  • Free Stickers w Purchase

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