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Revo is an iconic brand that was founded in 1985 by Dr Mitchell Ruda & quickly became the industry leader in Polarized lens technologies by creating premium performance sunglasses for the active lifestyle. Revo Polarized sunglasses are the original performance sunglass frames & were developed with technologies used by NASA which was applied to Revo Polarized lenses. Through micro fine lens grinding, ultrasonic polishing, electron vaporization & vacuum chamber coating processes Revo lenses have developed a winning formulation of light spectrum management delivering a premium performance Polarized lens for every light situation you could possibly encounter.  Revo Polarized delivers an entirely new class of performance eyewear built upon the science of light & biometrics of the eye, Revo Polarized lenses are the most advanced high contrast lenses available. Revo Polarized has earned a reputation as a go to product from some of the worlds best professional athletes including Indy car racers, ski racers, tri athletes, fishing guides & the US Coast Guard because they deliver the performance that world class athletes demand. Every lens in the Revo Eyewear collection is premium Polarized & treated with advanced coatings that excel in every active outdoor activity & lighting condition. The premium lens coatings used by Revo lenses include the authentic Revo mirror coatings, backside anti reflective coatings, oleo phobic coatings & sub surface protection coatings leaving the wearer with best in class high tech performance that repels virtually any water, oil, sweat, dirt, dust or fingerprints.  Quite simply Revo lenses can't be touched from any competitor and offer the truest optical clarity with Polarization that will obliterate the glare from the water, snow & road while delivering user 100% UVA UVB UVC protection. Revo Eyewear has a rich history of premium products that deliver the most advanced & best in class eyewear available with Polarized lenses that produce un matched crispness, contrast, clarity & protection.  Moving forward Revo Polarized Sunglasses will continue to be a technical leader & more then ever is committed to producing premium eyewear for the active lifestyle. Every frame in the Revo collection is 100% polarized, there is no non polarized products in the collection, what separates Revo Sunglasses from the competition is Revo lenses manage the full spectrum of light including the effects of blue light & hev light. By properly managing the full spectrum of light premium Revo Polarized lenses block out the bad, let in the good & leave you with the highest optical clarity the industry has to offer.  When it comes to frames, Revo Sunglasses has a philosophy of function, fit & style with nothing but the most advanced materials with manufacturing quality standards that are meticulous & un matched quality control. Revo Eyewear manufactures in both American & Italian factories with the highest standards of quality and every pair of Revo sunglasses goes through a rigorous quality checklist before being packaged and ready for the consumer. Revo Eyewear blend a design of style & pure function with legendary lens protection. All Revo Eyewear frames are all backed up by a 2 year no hassle warranty against defects in material or workmanship.  When you purchase a pair of authentic Revo Polarized Sunglasses you are investing in a the most premium product that the eyewear industry has to offer, go ahead you won't be disappointed!


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