• Shred Gratify Black Lens
  • Shred Gratify Ruby Lens
  • Shred Gratify Yellow Lens
  • Shred Gratify Clear Lens
  • Shred Gratify CBL Plasma Lens
  • Shred Gratify CBL Sky Lens
  • Shred Gratify CBL Blast
  • Shred Gratify CBL 2.0 Deep
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Shred Gratify Replacement Lens


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Shred Gratify Replacement Lens is compatible with all Shred Gratify Goggle frames & is a easy way to easily upgrade your frame to the very latest in Gratify lens options. If you're looking to replace well used lenses or stock up on various lens tints or having a tint that will cover literally any lighting condition you have come to the right place!  Go ahead and pick up a set of Shred Gratify Spare lens from Action Sport Optics, a trusted leader in sport & lifestyle optics.
Lens Compatibility:  Shred Gratify Replacement Lens is compatible with Shred Gratify Goggle Frames.
Shred Gratify Lens Information: Shred Gratify Replacement lens is a superior Cylindrical lens with patented No Distortion technology that prevents your lenses from becoming warped. Traditional lenses are sealed tight to prevent fogging and keep moisture from getting in between the layers, but when you gain or lose altitude, the pressure differential causes the two lenses to bend and warp, which causes distortion in your vision.  
UVA UVB Protection: All Shred Gratify Spare Lens provide 100% protection from the suns harmful UVA UVB UVC Rays.
Anti Fog Information: Shred Optics use double lens technology that creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry. A special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form.
Understanding VLT - Visible Light Transmission:  Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light that is let through the lens, the lower  the VLT percentage the better  the performance in bright conditions by blocking more light , a high VLT percentage lets more light through the lens improving your optical clarity in low light conditions.

Shred Gratify Lens/ VLT Guide

Sunny Condition Lens 0-15% VLT

  • Black 8% VLT
  • Plasma CBL Contrast Boosting 14% VLT

Sunny To Variable Party Cloudy Lens 16%-40% VLT

  • Ruby 34% VLT
  • Blast CBL Contrast Boosting 20% VLT
  • Ice Mirror CBL 2.0 21% VLT - Contrast Boost w Increased Clarity And Definition.

Low Light, Night or Snow Conditions 41% VLT or Higher

  • Yellow 72% VLT
  • Clear 81% VLT
  • Sky CBL Contrast Boost 45%

About ASO: At Action Sport Optics we are leaders in sport & lifestyle optics with over 20 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves in great products from the leading brands, superior customer service, product knowledge & fast shipping. Eyewear is our vision!


  • Shred Gratify Replacement Lens
  • Premium Cylindrical Lens
  • Mirror Select Options
  • Contrast Boosting CBL Select Options
  • CBL 2.0 Select Options - Increased Contrast - Clarity - Definition
  • Authentic Shred Optics Product
  • 100% UVA Protection
  • No Distortion
  • Anti Fog
  • Anti Scratch
  • Compatible Shred Gratify Frame

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