Shwood Eyewear is a experimental brand that handcrafts premium sunglasses that are ultra stylish, unique & use only the highest quality materials available.  Shwood was born with a cool idea, a limb from a Madrone tree, a set of cabinet hinges & some lenses found at the local corner store. That idea has since evolved into a world class brand that is now Shwood sunglasses.  Shwood Sunglasses brings nothing but unique designs with individuality in everything they do. Shwood concentrates on what Shwood wants to do and not what the the rest of the eyewear industry is doing, innovation and creative creation is at the heart of it all. All of the original Shwood Eyewear frames were 100% handcrafted with nothing but the finest woods available, as the brand has evolved Shwood Eyewear has added unique hybrid style frames that incorporate other high end materials such as premium Acetates, metals & even stone into the family. All Shwood Eyewear frames are handcrafted goodness that are produced in Portland Oregon with nothing but alot of love, care & attention to the fine details.  Shwood Sunglasses are one of a kind with a unique collaborative manufacturing process that merges world class suppliers of the finest sourced materials that are brought into Shwood Eyewear Portland Oregon workshop for the final handcrafted premium product. Shwood wants you happy with your purchase & covers all products with a no hassle 1 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturers defects in materials or workmanship.  When you purchase a pair of premium Shwood sunglasses you can count on alot of style, premium quality & the finest handcrafted sunglasses available.


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