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Smith I/O goggle frames have revolutionized the goggle industry again with the addition of next level Smith Chromapop lens options on this already legendary goggle frame! Smith I/O frames revolutionized the goggle industry years ago, and to this day the Smith I/O still remains as one of the very best industry leading goggles available period!  The Smith Goggles collection introduces the Smith I/O Chromapop with all the known performance & tons of style with a bonus Chromapop lens included, go ahead and pick up a pair from Action Sport Optics, an investment into one of the most pinnacle products the industry has to offer from the leading brand Smith Optics.
Fit Profile: The Smith I/O Goggle has a recommended fit profile of Med - Large.
Frame information: The Smith I/O uses a flexible polyurethane frame material that  is designed to work in unison with different face shapes & sizes. Smith goggles use a unique urethane compound that maintains flexibility even in the coldest of temperatures. Triple  layer Dri-Wix face foam comes standard on all high end Smith Goggles and provide a very plush & customized fit. The straps on Smith I/O are quick release adjustable and are lined with a silicone on the inside to prevent helmet slippage.
Lens information: Smith Goggles provide the most technically advanced lenses in the world that protect you from harmful UVA-UVB-UVC rays.  Smith I/O Chromapop have a spherical interchangeable lens that swaps out quickly & easily. The TLT ( Tapered Lens Technology ) lens technology provides perfect vision in all conditions by straightening out the in coming light rays by tapering them from the center out to your peripheral view providing 100% clarity & accuracy. The Hydrophobic lens coating Smith Optics uses is a durable bonded coating that reduces smudges & increase scratch resistance. Smith Goggles set the standard with their Carbonic-X Lens which meets ANSI Z80.3 lens quality standards, there simply is no better lens available.  
Smith IO Chromapop Goggle Lenses information on: Smith Chromapop lenses deliver  the super lens of the future with revolutionary technology that puts Smith in a class of its own.  Smith Chromapop is engineered to deliver the ultimate in clarity, protection, impact resistance& when you purchase Smith I/O Chromapop you are investing in the best lenses that the industry has to offer with the ultimate in clarity & protection from harmful UVA UVB UVC rays.
Why Are Smith Chromapop Lenses Better?:  Smith Chromapop Goggle lenses deliver detail and color beyond normal capabilities by filtering 2 wavelengths of light that cause color confusion to your eyes.  This technology delivers the ultimate true clarity experience.

SMITH I/O Chromapop Lens / VLT Guide

ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror:  16% VLT, your best lens choice for bright conditions.

ChromaPop Photochromic Rose Flash:  30-50% VLT transition range, tint changes automatically with changing light conditions, the ultimate multi tasking lens!

ChromaPop Everyday Sun Red Mirror: 25% VLT, your best lens option for sunny to slight variable conditions.

ChromaPop Sun Platinum: 13% VLT, great lens choice for sunny conditions.

ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror: 9% VLT, great lens choice for sunny condtions.

ChromaPop Everyday Green Mirror: 23% VLT, great performance for slight variable condtions, sun to medium mixed light.

ChromaPop Sun Black: 12% VLT, great lens choice for sunny condtion.

ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash: 50% VLT, grea low light lens, included as bonus lens in most frame options

Bonus Lens Included:  Yes, every Smith I/O Goggles comes with a bonus lens included. Your based are covered with 2 lenses for both sunny & low light conditions.

About Smith Optics: Smith Optics is a leading supplier of the worlds best optics for skiing, snowboarding, and active lifestyle sunglasses.  Smith Optics makes great days better, and for over 45 years has been the innovation leader with the single goal of making days on the mountain the best it can be.


  • Smith I/O Goggle NEW In Box
  • ChromaPop Spherical Lens
  • Med- Large Fit
  • Quick Release Lens System
  • Spherical Carbonic X Lens w TLT Optics
  • 5X Anti Fot Inner Lens
  • Patented Vaporator Lens w Porex Filter
  • BONUS Low Light ChromaPop Lens Included
  • Helmet Compatibility
  • Silicone Ribbed Ultra Wide Strap
  • Quick Fit Adjustable Strap
  • 3 Layer Dri-Wix Face Foam
  • Included Protective Goggle Bag

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