Smith Pivlock V90 Max Replacement Lens


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Smith Pivlock V90 Max replacement lens is a easy way to upgrade your Smith Pivlock V90 Max frames to the very latest in Smith lens technology, with quick & easy lens interchangeability. Whether you're replacing a well used lens or adding to your quiver of tints for different conditions you have come to the right place, we stock nothing but the best of Smith Pivlock V90 Max Replacement lens. Go ahead and pick up a Smith replacement lens from Action Sport Optics, a trusted leader in sport & lifestyle optics.
Lens Compatibility:  Smith Pivlock V90 Max Lens is compatible with all Smith Pivlock V90 Max & Smith Pivlock V90 sunglasses, all interchangeable.
TLT Carbonic Lens Information: Smith replacement lens for the Smith Pivlock V90 Max are TLT Carbonic lenses with unsurpassed impact & scratch resistance. Smith Optics engineered these lenses to be the most impact resistant lenses in the world, Carbonic lenses are optically correct, maximize clarity & offer 100% protection from the suns harmful UV rays.   
Included With Purchase:  A complete Smith set of Smith Pivlock V90 Max Replacement Lens w protective lens sleeve, tint of your choice.
Understanding VLT - Visible Light Transmission:  Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light that is let through the lens, the lower  the VLT percentage the better  the performance in bright conditions by blocking more light , a high VLT percentage lets more light through the lens improving your optical clarity in low light conditions.

Smith Pivlock V90 Max Replacement Lens/ VLT Guide

  • Carbonic Yellow Mirror 
  • Carbonic Platinum Mirror 11%
  • Carbonic Blue Sol X Mirror 12% VLT
  • Carbonic Ignitor 32% VLT
  • Carbonic Brown 15% VLT
  • Carbonic Clear 92% VLT
  • Carbonic Yellow Sensor 65% VLT
  • Carbonic Bronze 15%
  • Carbonic Brown 15%
  • Carbonic Pink Mirror 
  • Carbonic Gray 15% VLT

About Smith Optics: Smith Optics is a leading supplier of the worlds best optics for skiing, snowboarding, and active lifestyle sunglasses.  Smith Optics makes great days better and for over 45 years has been the innovation leader with the single goal of making the best optical products available for winter sport enthusiasts and the everyday active lifestyle.
About ASO: At Action Sport Optics we are leaders in sport & lifestyle optics with over 20 years industry experience. We pride ourselves in great products from the leading brands, superior customer service, product knowledge & fast shipping. Eyewear is our vision!


  • Smith Pivlock V90 Max Replacement Lens
  • Compatible & Interchangeable w Smith Pivlock V90 Max
  • TLT Carbonic Lenses
  •  Impact + Scratch Resistant
  • Authentic Smith Product
  •  Interchangeable Lens
  • 100% UVA UVB UVC Protection

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