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Milos Kmetko In Just Go!

Milos Kmetko from Slovakia proves that age is just a number in JUST GO, a inspiring video that all active 30-40 somethings should watch.  We at ASO are firm believers that getting older does not have to stop you from doing what you love and being active right into your older years.   Milos is snowboarding strong at 62 years of age and he looks to be not slowing down anytime soon!

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La Nina = big winter ahead?

You can never really tell for sure, but a La Nina year is reason for skiers and snowboarders to rejoice in the possibilities of face shots galore this coming winter.   La Nina is associated with cooler then normal water temps in the pacific ocean,  you can learn more about La Nina at NOAA .  This 2011-2012 snow forecast is getting us amped up,  its time to dust off the gear, take inventory, get your pass, plan your vacation,  and get after it!  If you need some new goggles to keep your pow day happy, check out our selection at ASO,  everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


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Action Sport Optics, is really stoked to be a sponsor of the University of Vermont Ski and Snowboard Club, one of the biggest  skiing and snowboarding college clubs in the country. Nothing but  love of snow sliding on 1 plank or 2, and good times!  Last night ASO attended the annual general meeting of the club to slap high fives and get this season off to a great start.  With a huge turn out of 600 plus people, tons of swag being tossed out including goggles, stickers and t shirts from ASO,  people were amped up for this winter!    Bring it on!

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snowboarding in 1939

The debate of who actually invented snowboarding has been a long and hard argument. ASO thinks this video settles the argument. Here is a video of Gunnar Burgson, and the other co-inventors of the snowboard ( Harvey Burgeson and Vern Wicklund ) shredding it up in the 1940’s! They hold a US patent dated 1939.