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Julbo Photochromatic Goggle lenses

Julbo photochromatic goggle lenses are the best in the industry hands down.  Photochromatic means the lenses adjust tint to the changing light conditions, eliminating the need to change lenses in and out of your goggles.  Julbo makes two different types of photochromatic lenses, the first is the Julbo Camel Lens, which is photochromatic and polarized to cut the glare.  Here is Julbo athlete, and skiing LEGEND Mr Glen Plake himself talking about the Julbo Camel lens:

The second lens is the Julbo Zebra which is photochromatic, but not polarized. Again here is Glen Plake talking about the Julbo Zebra lens:

Visit Action Sport Optics, for Julbo Goggles with photochromatic lens technology. ASO is your online source for action sport and lifestyle related optics.  We pride ourselves in great products from the best brands, superior service, and fast shipping.

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Julbo Photochromic Goggles

Julbo photochromic goggles are leaders in the industry with photochromic lens technology.  With over 120 years of optical heritage, Julbo brings the best technical expertise to their goggle collection with Zebra and Camel photochromic lens technology.  Photochromic lenses change tint on the fly based on the lighting conditions, and also offer the highest protection from harmful sun rays.  The Zebra or Camel photochromic lens can change from a visible light transmision of 40.7% to 6.6%  (category 2 to 4) in less then 30 seconds! Photochromic technology eliminates the need to have multiple goggles, or to switch out lenses to compensate for changing light conditions.  The Camel lens is photochromic and polarizing giving you the best of the best.  Action Sport Optics is pleased to offer 4 goggle styles from Julbo that all have the Zebra, or Camel lens technology.  First up is the  limited edition Glenak Goggle with Camel Lens technology.
Julbo Glenak Goggle
The Glenak is a unique pro model goggle from a pair of ski legends Glen Plake,  and Enak Gavaggio.  Glen is a true pioneer of freeride skiing and Enak needs no introduction himself as a top ski cross athlete and X games medalist. The Glenak features the Camel Photochromic Polarizing lens, airflow, dual soft foam, anatomic frame, extended outriggers for helmet compatibility, easy clip and silicone ribbed strap, and is a lg-xl fit.  The 2nd frame we offer is the Orbiter Goggle which is available in Zebra or Camel  photochromic lens technology, and is also spherical to boot.
Julbo Orbiter
The Orbiter is a lg to xl fitting goggle that is packed with high end features, if you’re looking for a weapon that will get it done in all conditions, the Orbiter will deliver.  The 3rd frame, the Revolution Goggle,  packs a punch with Zebra or Camel photochromic technology.
Julbo Revolution
The Revolution is a medium to large fit, and has proven it’s performance in the Julbo collection. The Revolution has become the benchmark goggle for mountain professionals, from first lines to last tracks of the day, this goggle won’t let you down.  The 4th frame is the Eclipse Zebra goggle and is a women specific medium sized frame.
Julbo Eclipse
The Eclipse Zebra comes with a spherical Zebra photochromic lens, womens styling, helmet compatibility, extreme comfort, great peripheral vision, and offers great performance and style in a variety of colors.

Visit Action Sport Optics, for Julbo Goggles. ASO is your online source for action sport and lifestyle related optics, we pride ourselves in great products, superior service, and fast shipping.

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